Sunday, September 14, 2008


Times of Swaziland

26 August 2008

Esther in landslide win


MSUNDUZA - Esther Dlamini yesterday passed on to the next stage with 963 votes outclassing the five other aspiring MPs.

However, two of her competitors formally lodged a complaint with the police as they suspected that the elections were rigged.

Alfred Mndzebele and Theresa Matsebula claimed that one of the boxes had been opened without their consent.

Their statements were taken while they were at the polling centre.

No one could match Dlamini and the second best got only 151 votes and that was Mndzebele.

Coming third was Swazi Observer journalist Mphikeleli Msibi with 97 votes while Dumisani Zwane came out with 94 votes.

Soon after her success, Dlamini said it was not yet time to celebrate as the secondary elections were still coming.


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