Thursday, September 4, 2008


Weekend Observer

23 August 2008


By Nelsiwe Ndlangamandla

Pastor Justice Dlamini, Senior Pastor at the Mbabane Worship Centre has said it is unGodly for pastors to stand for elections.

Dlamini said this during a press conference at Mbabane Worship Centre yesterday morning.

He said pastors had a spiritual responsibility of looking at the interests of God. He said God needed undivided attention and if pastors then get into the election race they will have divided attention and devotion. Dlamini stated that pastors had already been divinely elected and chosen by God. He supported his statement by quoting from the book of Luke 16 verse 6.

He stated that one could not serve two masters at the same time.

“God has appointed you as a pastor so if you have another master you will have divided loyalty”.

Dlamini said if someone is involved in the political race that person is sent to places and come back and deliver.

“Where will these people get time to serve God,” wondered Dlamini.

He said Swaziland was faced with a lot of problems including poverty, HIV and AIDS and prostitution saying pastors do not have time for civil affairs.

“When I am not preaching the word of God I am down on my knees praying for this Kingdom and the people in it. A soldier of Jesus cannot engage in civil affairs.”

A pastor who stands for the elections will be doomed.

Look at the pastors who have gone to parliament either they were destructed or their churches were destroyed, Pastor Justice said.

He said the pastors went to parliament as fire brand preachers but their churches fell apart.

He urged people not to vote for pastors as this would be a contribution to the downfall of the church.

He said by electing the pastors their devotion would be shifted.

“I am not saying pastors should not stand for the elections but all I am saying is that they are going to become disloyal to God.”

Dlamini said these pastors would lose the hand of God and at the end of it there will be doom.

... he declares himself the mouthpiece of God

“I cannot sit around and watch people do what is not the will of God as I am his mouthpiece.”

He stated that he was one person who makes sure that where there was something wrong he brought about solutions.

“I am the voice that brings correction where there is error.”

Dlamini stated that necessity laid upon them that that they help the poor and needy and not join political races.

Do not nominate social failures - he urges public

Dlamini said if someone has failed to develop his own life in his own home, no matter how much that person campaigns there is nothing he can do for the community.

Someone who has failed to have a peaceful life at his home there is nothing he can do for the nation.

“Nomination factors should not be based on how the person campaigned but by uprightness.”

Supporting his statement by quoting Proverbs 13 verse 34 that if a nation is led by someone who is righteous it will prosper.

“Some one’s achievement is very important because it shows that person develops himself and as a result the nation can benefit from him or her.”

Dlamini said people should elect someone with integrity.


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