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Times of Swaziland

21 August 2008

Elections divide Tsase’s chiefdom


NHLANGANO- Traditional authorities of Mabonabulawe and nominees yesterday marched to the Regional Administrator’s offices.

They wanted to complain about the Elections and Boundaries Commission’s decision to divide the chiefdom into two for nominations voting.

They are under Princess Tsase, who is the Acting Chief of Mkhwakweni, whose umphakatsi is Mabonabulawe.

Leading the delegation was Mabonabulawe Chief’s kraal Headman Sithela Shabalala. They said the decision to have the chiefdom fielding two candidates in each category in the upcoming elections was a way of reviving the conflict that had rocked the area in recent times.

Hhuhhuma, a sub chiefdom within Mabonabulawe, was given a privilege to nominate their own constituency councillors and Indvuna Yenkhundla and Member of Parliament. Reasons forwarded was that those in Hhuhhuma were too far from the Mabonabulawe kraal.

The names of those nominated at Hhuhhuma are known, but cannot be revealed because they were not immediately available to confirm their nominations.

"Yesterday, when the nominees went to sign their secrecy forms at Hluti police Station they were told the Hhuhhuma sub chiefdom would file their own candidates at Inkhundla level. This means Mabonabulawe has been divided into two now. We don’t need this considering our history here," Shabalala said referring to the chieftaincy dispute that saw one chieftaincy candidate, Mzikayise Ntshangase, refused burial rights by his opponents of disputed Chief Salebona Ntshangase.


He continued, "This will weaken our chances of producing an MP as we will go to the secondary elections divided. It is why we are here to seek clarification from the regional administrator."

Shiselweni RA Paul Dlamini confirmed meeting the Mabonabulawe delegation when reached for comment yesterday.

"I have met them and tried to clarify that no ulterior motive is meant. In elections orders once a place nominates a constituency councilor that place is like Umphakatsi for that election purpose.

However, I have forwarded their complaint to the EBC and I am waiting for a reply from it", Dlamini said.

He said once the reply was forwarded to them, he would relay the message to the complaining party.


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