Monday, September 15, 2008


Times of Swaziland

10 September 2008

EBC not in the clear yet

MBABANE – Whether the EBC has legal personality or not is a matter that has to wait for the finalisation of the pending constitutional case.

This is where disgruntled political formations are challenging the constitutional process.

High Court Judge Mbutfo Mamba yesterday decided to give a wide berth to the contentious issue, saying it would pre-empt the decision of the full bench, of which he was part of when the matter was heard.

Coincidentally, in most cases challenging the electoral body pertaining to the elections process currently underway, the issue of whether the EBC has the power to sue or be sued, took centre stage.

The full bench, which comprised Justices Stanley Maphalala, Jacobus Annandale and Mbutfo Mamba, promised to make their pronouncement at a date that would be prior to the secondary elections billed for September 19, 2008.


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