Monday, September 15, 2008


Swazi Observer

11 September 2008

Shhhhh! don't disturb, we're campaigning'

By Timothy Simelane

SOME Cabinet ministers are hard to get because they are engrossed in campaigning for the secondary elections.

When the Swazi Observer called to gather their comment on some current issues they were either difficult to get or plainly said they were busy campaigning.

Meanwhile, speculation is rife that the ministers will be dissolved soon, before the Secondary elections next weekend.

"Anything could happen, now that the 40/40 National Celebrations are over," said political analyst Mandla Mbetse.

He feels that the ministers are giving other candidates unfair competition by staying in office. "A minister can easily order a government grader to fix the road, or order a water tanker to bring water to the people. He can further use that as a campaign strategy. This is not the case with other candidates who are not MPs," he said.

Cabinet Ministers standing for the elections are Enterprise and Employment Minister Lutfo Dlamini, Regional Development and Youth Affairs Deputy Minister Hlobsile Ndlovu, Health and Social Welfare Minister Njabulo Mabuza, Public Works and Transport Minister Elijah Shongwe and Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Mtiti Fakudze.

Minister of Public Service and Information Sgayoyo Magongo lost the Primary Elections, whilst other ministers did not stand for the elections.

Meanwhile, Government Spokesperson Percy Simelane said as far as he was concerned all Cabinet Ministers were still in office, and would continue to do official duty until new ministers are elected and appointed.


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